So, You Want to Volunteer!

Are you interested in:

  • working toward a worthwhile community service goal with a group of interesting, friendly and cooperative individuals?
  • having a chance to apply your personal skills and talents to solving problems and “brainstorming” with a dedicated group of volunteers?
  • learning a lot of information about the community you live and/or work in?
  • feeling “good” by helping others?

being introduced to exciting new ideas and experiences?

Friends Volunteer Opportunities

  • Keiki Reading Time – If anyone is interested in helping with this project, contact Janet Perea at the Library.
  • Dotty Nakea Memorial Speaker Program – If you would like to make a presentation on a topic of general interest to our North Shore community, recommend a speaker, or suggest a topic, contact Laura McConnell by email.
  • Video taping – If you would be able to video tape some of the presentations, contact Janet Perea, Branch Manager at the library. The library has video tape equipment.
  • Art On The Walls – Youth art work to be displayed at library. We can always use some volunteers to pick up art from the schools or help with the displaying of youth art. Contact Smith Hartley by email.
  • Display Cases – We have a variety of subjects that we focus on in our cases. If you have an idea or materials to display, contact Laura McConnell by email. Display cases shall NOT be used for commercial purposes.
  • Book Sale – To help organize books during the months prior to the sale or work during the sale, contact Diane Chait by email.
  • Book Shelving – Contact Janet Perea at 826-4310.
  • Start a New Program – Do you have an idea for a new program or activity at the Princeville Public Library? Contact Laura McConnell by email.

Seven Simple things you can do to help your library:

  • Join the Friends of the North Shore Library at Princeville NOW!
  • Renew your membership NOW!
  • Tell your friends to join Friends of the North Shore Library at Princeville!
  • Donate used books to the library any time.
  • Buy books at our Quarterly Book Sales.
  • Volunteer at the Princeville Public Library! Please call Janet Perea at 826-4310 if you would be able to give a few hours to help the library. A variety of volunteer opportunities are available.
  • Get a library card! Or replace your lost library card!
  • Use your library card! Borrow, borrow, borrow!

Join the Friends Board

Please consider accepting a nomination for election to the Board of Directors of Friends of the North Shore Library at Princeville. For additional information, please contact.

Donating Items

Janet Perea, Branch Manager for the Princeville Public Library, sends us this advice and information:

The Princeville Public Library welcomes books, music CDs, audiobooks on CD, and DVDs that are in good condition. Items that are in excellent condition and/or recently published may be considered by the librarian to be added to our borrowing collection. Other items will be given to Friends of the North Shore Library for their quarterly book sales, the proceeds of which support the Princeville Public Library programs.

For large donations, such as multiple boxes of books, kindly contact the library in advance at 808-826-4310 to check if we have room to intake all items.

Your donation is tax-deductible, and you can request a receipt at the front counter in the library. Please tell us the number of items in each format that you are donating (e.g. hardbacks, paperbacks, magazines, audiovisual items, etc.).

Thank you very much for thinking of the library!

Mahalo to Our Volunteers and Contributors

The Board of Directors, the library staff, and the North Shore community in general are grateful for the countless hours of public service provided by our volunteers and for the generous tax-deductible donations made by individuals and organizations in the area. Your efforts pay off directly and efficiently to improve our library’s resources and services.