Contact Us

How to Contact Friends of the North Shore Library at Princeville:

  • You may speak to any Princeville Public Library staff member about the best person to contact for your question or concern.
  • You may contact the president of Friends of the North Shore Library by email.
  • You may check our Board of Directors list and contact any of the members directly. You may know them personally, through business, around town, or find them in the phone book.
  • You may find information and membership online and in the library. Check the table next to the book sale shelves on your right after you enter the front door of the library.
  • You may contact the webmaster by email regarding matters pertaining to the website.
  • You may mail your membership, donation, or other business to:

Friends of the North Shore Library at Princeville
P.O. Box 223007
Princeville, HI 96722